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  • Posted Jan 28
    Thanks for sharing - great read.
  • Posted Jan 27
    For many years, the NZNF published a hard copy publication.  At first this was called the NZ Naturist.   Following our branding exercise of 2005, this was changed to gonatural magazine.  However, for a number of reasons the circulation got less and less and then the very hard decision was made to cease production of the magazine.  Some thought went into what could replace it so we found a member willing to act as the editor of a new publication, gonatural Nudesletter.  This is produced every two months and is available on the gonatural website.   The format is similar to the old publication, but now it is in .pdf format.

    The current magazine provides a wealth of information, information on clubs, and lots of other interesting stuff.

    The October-November 2022 issue can be found here.   Future editions will also be linked here (if I can).