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  • Posted Jan 28
    Thanks for sharing. Flooding is really scary and seems to happen more and more in the UK. I love the idea of you sharing topics like this. 
  • Posted Jan 28

    It’s really important that people check Swimsafe after events like this to ensure swimming conditions are suitable. 

    We saw a lot of people entering the water at Orewa, including the estuary, which is highly contaminated with storm water. 

    i can almost guarantee they will be extremely sick tomorrow. 

    The water also has high volumes of debris from storm damage, so any water activity over the next few days is highly ill advised. 

  • Posted Jan 27
    In an attempt to reach out to the global naturist family, I thought I might post regular information here on the latest in New Zealand.   I will see how it goes, and if it fails, so be it and I will remove it.   Here I go.

    February 1, 2023
    Not only was Auckland (and the rest of the country) starting to get over the flooding of January 27, that the met service issued another red alert of the upper north island.  So, it all started over again but as I understand it, not so bad this time around.   

    Club friends from WNC were heading to the south island for a months sightseeing but their ferry across the Cook Strait was delayed due to the weather.   Another ferry, this time heading north, lost power which was quite frightening as another ferry lost power years ago, floundered on the rocks at the entrance to Wellington harbour which generated a huge rescue effort.  There were some lives lost, unfortunately.

    January 27, 2023
    **update**  There has been an immense amount of damage in not only the greater Auckland area but a large area of the North Island.   This is going to take months to clean up.   The new Auckland Mayor made a complete mockery of his first major news conference, and just would not answer questions as to why it took so long to declare a state of emergency.  

    Pretty much the whole of New Zealand has been hit by a weather-bomb with torrential rain being experienced around the country.   Auckland has been hit especially hard with flooding around the region, especially the city, and it has been stated that three-months of rain has fallen in 24 hours.   The Auckland airport has been closed for a day now and there are videos circulating of waist-high water inside the main terminal building.   There are also videos circulating (Tik Tok and YouTube) showing some amazing footage.   One video I just watched was a bus driving along the road with the passengers all lifting their feet up because there was two inches of water above the floor, inside the bus.   Then the bus pulled up to a stop and a passenger got out of the bus into two feet of water.