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An informal fellowship of Christians who want to promote the freedom of naturism.


Christian Naturist Fellowship

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  • Nigel and Janina
    Nigel and Janina  · Feb 10
    Feb Newsletter out now for Members. Three new locations on offer for physical meetings. Interview of Naturist Priest. Readers recommendations. Updates on outreach, including Talks by CNF Leaders to Chrisitan or Secular groups. The 4pm (UK time) Bible...  more
  • Nigel and Janina
    Nigel and Janina  · Jan 29
    Leadership Team meeting on Tues 2nd Feb when we will plan the events for 2022. Looks like there will be more opportunities for face to face meetings at new venues around the country.
  • Nigel and Janina
    Nigel and Janina  · October 8, 2021
    Quick Update: October 2021 saw the election of new (joint) Team Leaders and a new (joint) Secretary. Major plans for the next twelve months. Keen to hear any feedback or ask a question.