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  • Description : Bongil Beach, in Bongil Bongil National Park near Coffs Harbour, is a remote beach which stretches for 7km from Sawtell to Mylstrom. The Southern End of the beach used to be a popular naturist spot, but now the whole beach has naturist use, although caution should be used, as this is not an official naturist beach.

    The beach is not patrolled, and can sometimes have strong rips and currents. Keep your eye on the waves, as you might see dolphins and, onshore along the dunes, are bright pink flowers of the Pig Face! (Mesembryanthemum). There are also shorebirds such as little terns, red-capped plover and pied oystercatchers which scurry across the sand.
  • Location : Bongil Bongil National Park, Bundagen NSW, Australia

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Good to Know

  • Beach Type Beaches and Coves
  • Facilities Bring refreshments
  • Nudist Status Unofficial
  • Ease of Access Approx 1 km walk or more dependent upon the route you take; See directions.

Getting There

  • Town / County / State Repton, New South Wales
  • Zip / Postal Code 2454
  • Directions Bongil Beach is in the northern section of Bongil Bongil National Park. There are four options for getting there:Cross the waist-deep water of Bonville Creek estuary from Sawtell.From Palm crossing trail, which is in the central section of Bongil Bongil National Park, walk 1km from the locked gate to reach the beach.From Overhead Bridge Road, in the central section of Bongil Bongil National Park, walk 1.5km from the locked gate to the beach.From Bundagen Head, in the southern section of the park, via Mylestom. Beach vehicle access to Bundagen Head is possible with a permit. From there, walk north to the beach.


  • Latitude -30.401743
  • Longitude 153.076401
  • Sea Level (In Meters) 15