A Naturist World Hawksbill Bay - Eden Beach

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  • Description : Situated on the shores of Antigua’s scenic northwest coast, Hawsksbill Bay is a romantic, crescent-shaped public beach and the last of a string of four white-sand crescents on the west coast, near the Hawksbill Hotel. One of which is the island's only nude beach and is the most secluded of the four and is known as Eden Beach.

    It is the perfect haven for naturists. Hawksbill Bay gets more sun than all other eastern Caribbean Islands and the cool sea breezes provides the ideal setting. The beach is much larger than you might expect with lots of private nooks. The sand here is not blindingly white, but a light, soft gray. The water is as crystalline as any in the Caribbean.

    The beach is long and clear, with lush greenery behind it and dazzling ocean in front. There’s even an exotic mini-islet within swimming distance from shore. The place is positively picturesque. Plus the secluded coves with shallow waters will offer lots of opportunities for some great adventures.
  • Location : Hawksbill Bay, Antigua and Barbuda

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  • Beach Type Beaches and Coves
  • Facilities The Hawksbill Hotel is some of the only development on this are of the island, Unfortunately, public restrooms aren't available, but you can get day passes to the hotel. There are a pick of different cuisines and dining styles nearby. Barefooot Grille is one of the closest eateries. The restaurant serves International cuisine.Hawksbill is not suitable for wheel chair access as it does not have elevators and there are stairs around the grounds and leading to main dining/reception facilities.
  • Nudist Status Official
  • Ease of Access Fairly easy

Getting There

  • Town / County / State Five Islands, Antigua, Antigua and Barbuda
  • Zip / Postal Code N/A
  • Directions There are four beaches on this bay; the first one is easily accessible to the public, while you need to go through the resort to reach the other three. The first beach is reached by the main road and is just before the entrance to the resort. There's ample parking and public beach for everybody. The second and third beach are mostly reserved to hotel guests. The fourth and last beach is a beautiful white sand beach that stretches along directly in front of the Hawksbill rock


  • Latitude 17.109989
  • Longitude -61.901814
  • Sea Level (In Meters) 2