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  • Listed On : Jul 01, 2019
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  • Description : This beach now appears closed to naturism. Further information and updates would be appreciated.

    The beach is one of the longest in Finland and all of Nordic countries. The sandy beaches are several kilometers long, with a soft, shallow bottom.

    Towards the end of the summer, the water temperature is 20 degrees Celcius or more. There is a host of activities available, such as surfing, beach volleyball and various other water sports. and also has many distinctive dunes.

    The dune area is unique in Europe because of its size. In the summer, the beach life at the Yyteri cape, at 250 km from Helsinki, is very active, with holidaymakers arriving from all over Finland as well as abroad.
  • Location : Yyteri Beach Oy, Pohjoispuisto, Pori, Finland

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Good to Know

  • Beach Type Beaches and Coves
  • Facilities Yyteri is not an urban district, instead it is mostly like a holiday resort, which has a spa, hotels and a restaurant
  • Nudist Status Official
  • Ease of Access Easy level access.

Getting There

  • Town / County / State Hiekkarannantie, Pori, Satakunta
  • Zip / Postal Code 28840
  • Directions The beach is located just outside the town of Pori, and there's a direct bus which operates daily from the city center to the beach. Pori is 1.5 hours east of Tampere or two hours north of Turku.


  • Latitude 61.559818
  • Longitude 21.533594
  • Sea Level (In Meters) 3