A Naturist World Playa de Los Muertos - Cabo de Gata

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  • Description : Playa de los Muertos is one of the largest beaches in the area and is explicitly nudist. It is a totally straight beach over a kilometer in length, and has the clearest and bluest water of the Nature Reserve.

    This beach can be quiet and tranquil or wild and dangerous when the wind blows. The sand is composed of round stones the size of a grain of rice with some stones a little larger, so when you stretch just out "pebbles" have a "drainage" effect and does not remain moist.

    Although it does not have the mystique of the small coves of the inner zone of the park it is said to be one of the best beaches in the south of the Iberian Peninsula.

    Its crystal clear waters are ideal for snorkeling. Bring with you comfortable shoes for walking to access and climb the beach, and diving goggles if you have them are a must. Do not forget to bring an umbrella as there is no shade offered here. The worst part about this beach is the view to the left, is of a thermal power station.
  • Location : Playa de los Muertos, Carboneras, Almería, Andalucía, Spain

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  • Beach Type Beaches and Coves
  • Facilities There is a small charge for parking, approx 5 euros for the whole day. There is a restaurant nearby called Carboneras if you wish not bring a picnic lunch.
  • Nudist Status Tolerated / Clothing Optional
  • Ease of Access the path that separates the parking lot of the beach has a medium-high medium difficulty or ( it is very difficult to guess the agility of those who read me) are about 700 meters steep path, a ravine through which descend possibilities Slips at some point.

Getting There

  • Town / County / State Carboneras, Almeria, Andalucía,
  • Zip / Postal Code 04149
  • Directions Located in Carboneras, Almeria. It is on the AL-5106 road, leaving Carboneras behind Almería. Just when we pass the thermal power station (you see to spare) on the right, you have to start preparing for the few kilometers to stop in a large parking lot that is on the left. There is a small wooden stand for more signs. This is one of the few entrances to the beach, and it is about 15 minutes along a somewhat awkward path of rocks. On the way there is not too bad because it is down, although you have to be careful because the stones are very loose. But back is the worst time because it is uphill. Yes, it is worth the sacrifice and the sweat. During the months of July and August there is a boat every day that will take you from Carboneras to the beach.


  • Latitude 36.952759
  • Longitude -1.898629
  • Sea Level (In Meters) 3