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  • Description : Praia do Salgado Beach is located in Famalicão, Nazaré, West region of Portugal and has been distinguished with the Award “Golden Quality” by the National Association for Nature Conservation for its waters bathing quality.

    A wild sandy beach which measures approx six kilometers. The waters can be dangerous due to the vast waves, which form puddles in the sand. There is a vast dune system where you will meet naturists, although not an official nudist beach, it receives a good mix of naturists and textiles as it is so vast there is plenty of room for everyone.

    The main access reaches until the centre-south zone of the beach, where houses, cafés and parking can be found. The Southern part of the beach has a rocky area where scuba divers and fishermen frequently are.The wild landscape of Praia do Salgado Beach, makes the area a privileged one
  • Location : Praia do Salgado, Rua do Turista, Salgado, Portugal

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Good to Know

  • Beach Type Beaches and Coves
  • Facilities There is a beach bar at the car park, left as you start to go up the hill.
  • Nudist Status Tolerated / Clothing Optional
  • Ease of Access Easy

Getting There

  • Town / County / State R. do Turista 1, Famalicão, Salgado, Nazaré, Centro
  • Zip / Postal Code 2450-027
  • Directions To access Praia do Salgado Beach, go via Estrada Nacional 2425, exiting towards west at Famalicão village and crossing the Serra da Pescaria6 until you reach the beach.


  • Latitude 39.547272
  • Longitude -9.1114
  • Sea Level (In Meters) 1