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  • Description : Akatarewa Stream is a thermally heated waterfall and naturally occurring pool, which is part of the Waikato River, the longest river in New Zealand.
  • Location : Te Kopia Road, Rotorua, New Zealand

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Good to Know

  • Beach Type Thermal Pools, Hot Springs and Waterfalls
  • Facilities Bring refreshments for your stay and carry out what you bring.
  • Nudist Status Tolerated / Clothing Optional
  • Ease of Access The easiest access is via the Rotota Sun Club, which, for some, also makes it the hardest access as NZNF membership is required to go through their land. You can also gain access to the waterfall by boat on the Waikato River, near Orakei Korako. Requires 10 minutes tramping thereafter.

Getting There

  • Town / County / State Te Kopia Road, Mihi, Bay Of Plenty, Rotorua, New Zealand
  • Zip / Postal Code 3351
  • Directions A guided Jet Boat and Kayak Tours are the primary way that most people experience the springs.
    Access to the spot is via Te Kopia Road. Take a 10-minute walk upstream through the chasm known as "The Squeeze", and once you’ve made it through the chasm, the stream culminates in a small canyon with three hot waterfalls. The pool is just a short walk up some stairs from this point.


  • Latitude -38.41028415
  • Longitude 176.12698917
  • Sea Level (In Meters) 294


  • Akatarewa Stream is a thermally heated waterfall and naturally occurring pool, which is part of the Waikato River, the longest river in New Zealand, it is situated on the banks of Lake Ohakuri crossing road to the northeast of Orakeikorako.
    There are actually three hot pools here. Two natural ones in a stream and a third which is a hot tub filled from geothermal sources and emptied and refilled every day. After using the pools, you can take a cold plunge in the lake. The area is surounded by native bush, birdlife in abundance and glow worms at night.
    The pool is used and maintained by the members of the Rotota Sun Club. If you do decide to go on your own, tour groups usually arrive at 11 am and 2 pm so you may wish to avoid these busy times. Out of respect please stay within the stream area and do not cross the boundary land which belong to private landowners.