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  • Henne Strand
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  • B\u00f8t\u00f8skoven - Skelby Strand - Botoskoven
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  • Flovt Strand
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  • Oster Hurup
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  • Nordby Hede
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  • Amager Strandpark
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Since the mid-1970's many of the beaches along Denmark’s 7,000 km of coastline have been clothing-optional by law. Though, there are a few beaches where nude swimming is not allowed.

If a beach is not a dedicated nudist beach, anyone without clothing has an obligation to show consideration for other users by keeping a reasonable distance from them.

There are several campsites for naturists. The sites are placed in scenic areas with plenty of opportunities for walks and regional sight-seeing trips. Recent years has also seen nudity becoming legal in all state forests.
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