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Promoting your business as a Sponsored or Featured listing gives your page higher specifications; priority placement on the home and browse pages, showcasing on the world map along with the many other benefits as outlined below.


  • Page Dashboard enables quick and easy page creation. You can fill in the other details from the Page dashboard once the page is created.
  • Page Profile - Cover Photo and Information enables Page admins too choose a cover photo for their Pages and various Action Links like - Join Page, Like, Follow, etc are displayed.


Sponsored Pages:

  • Are the most visually prominent pages on the site, having priority placement on the homepage and browse pages.
  • Sponsored Labels: The main profile page of every sponsored listing is highlighted with an eye-catching Sponsored icon or label and colored background.
  • Sponsored pages are showcased on the homepages World-Wide Map with a bouncing animation marker.
  • Videos and Photos: are exhibited in an attractive Slideshow displayed on listing profile pages, providing great user experience.


Featured Pages:

  • Pages are automatically made featured.
  • Featured Pages Slideshow widget for showcasing featured page listings.
  • Featured pages have "Featured" labels on their profile, are highlighted with an attractive featured icon or label.
  • Featured pages are shown below Sponsored listings on the "Browse Pages".


Follow Pages:

  • Page Admins receive notification when members "Follow" their Pages.
  • Google maps integration used in Map View for page listings.
  • Admin can choose to display Listings to users based on their current location. You can also choose the distance within which Listings will be shown to users


Activity Feed integration: Integration with site homepage feed, user profile feeds and page updates feeds. Feeds have been designed as to have maximum impact. 

  • Admins can link their Page with their Facebook Pages from the "Marketing" section of Page Dashboard
  • Marketing: Multiple tools for increasing popularity of page like: Invite & Promote, Send an Update to those who like the page.
  • Listing Privacy can be chosen by their owners relating to viewing, commenting, posting photos on listing, appearing in search and discussions.


Insights and Statistics:

  • Statistics: Admin can see detailed statistics for listings.
  • Search Engine Optimised (SEO) URLs and structure.


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