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for genuine naturists 
around the globe

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ANW Members are Building a Strong, Safe,
Respectful Community for Genuine Naturists

ANW has been created for naturist individuals, families and businesses to communicate with
each other to share knowledge, points of view, products, stories and friendship; and to help guide
newcomers who have never tried naturism. It is a safe place for people to share their naturism with
family and friends, to meet new people, find holiday destinations, beaches, clubs and other venues.
Create blogs, write articles, discuss topics and submerge themselves in a world of naturism.

ANW only allows advertising of products and services from businesses that are members of the site
and have a product/service to promote that is suitable to the naturist market.
ANW aims to help fight against preconceptions of naturism, support causes and aid in bringing a
better worldwide appreciation of naturism. The site believes naturism is fantastic fun; that it helps
create a physically and emotionally healthier society and should be open to all.

ANW believes that the website like naturism itself should be a positive and joyful experience with a
serious side and has a duty to convey the right attitude towards the lifestyle, society and the world.
Members have the right to feel comfortable on the site. They should expect other users to behave
as appropriately as they would if they were to visit a naturist beach or join a landed club. Members
will find ANW to be a positive extension to their naturist lives and help improve the quality of their
naked adventures. ANW offers a Free Verification Service as part of an initiative to discourage fake
and inappropriate behaviour. The ANW motto in this respect is "Protect Yourself, Protect ANW and
Protect Naturism."

ANW has a long term aim to help create a world that no longer needs ANW and no longer needs
people to be described as naturists or nudists. A world where non-sexual socially nudity has
become accepted all over the world and all humans feel they have the right to be socially naked
without being considered part of a minority.

Some of the Features in ANW

Members Polls 

Take part in the official ANW Members Polls. 
Not only is it a bit of fun, but also helps create a better understanding of the members that use the site

and paints a clearer picture of how naturism is viewed around the world.

Become Inspired to Explore Your Naturist World

Over 1500 Beaches, Rivers, Lakes & Parks

Over 1250 Hotels, Resorts and Campsites

Over 550 Federations, Associations,
Non-landed Clubs & Clubs without camping

Over 50 Cruises, Trips and Experiences

Over 400 Holistic Venues and Classes

+ 100 Other Naturist Products and Services

ANW for Individuals

ANW offers five membership levels to its users, all levels enjoy their own profile page and dashboard. Guest Membership is free and available to grow a better understanding of naturism and help positively promote naturist venues and businesses worldwide to as many users as possible.

Paying to be a Member or Life Member gives site-wide access and allows a higher level of interaction and involvement as well as the opportunity to create Groups, Promotional Pages and Community Ads. By becoming a Blogger or Life Blogger you are able to create multiple featured blog posts as well as having the other paying Member features. Life Members and Life Bloggers also receive a 10% discount on Creative and Promotional Pages Packages.

Paying members who wish to upgrade during their current subscription, can contact ANW who will arrange a discount to cover the remainder of their term to be deducted from the upgraded price.


Some of the ANW features for Members

Depending on Member Level Chosen

Post on the Main Activity feed and your Personal Activity feed.
Upload an Icon and Banner Image for your Profile page.
Be inspired by over 4000 Locations, Venues, Clubs, Businesses and Services.
Create and Share Albums.
Take Part in the Free Verification Service.
Have a printable Membership card.
Create shortcuts to favourite pages.
Collect badge points for site input.
Directly message friends and businesses.
Detailed FAQs to answer your questions.
Browse Members pages with search menus.
Like, Favourite, Comment, Review and Rate around ANW.
Exclusive Discounts and Offers from Naturist Businesses.
Share Feelings, Send Compliments and Poke Friends.
Add Events to your Diary.
Create Blogs and Vlogs.
Enjoy Site News and Competitions.
Ability to create and join Groups.

ANW for Promoting and Creating

ANW offers a platform to support and promote naturism around the world.
Whether you wish to raise funds for a Project, share your thoughts in a Blog, start an on-line Group,
reach out to new and existing members as a Federation or Club or publicise your Holiday location, Venue, Product or Service.
ANW offers members the opportunity to create interactive and attractive pages in specific searchable areas around the site to suit your requirements.

Build an interactive profile around yourself or your brand.

Free Listings offer the opportunity to be part of the large ANW Inspiration Directory and enable you to display your business to naturists around the world, but with limitations.
By choosing the Featured and Sponsored options your page receives priority listing status and offers a greater number of features.
You will be able to create a detailed overview and share more information, upload photos and embed videos.
Supply fellow members with your news, updates, and discussions and build a following of friends, customers and clients.
Page Admins can send invitations, offer promotions, and view detailed statistics and reports.
These pages are available to all types of naturist businesses and venues and can have direct links to your email and website.
You can also promote Events, build Groups, and the create Vlog and Blog Posts.
To help create a bond between these pages and the naturists who run them the pages are directly linked to your individual profile page.
Guest members will need to purchase one of the paying membership subscriptions first.

Community Ads Offers members various advertising choices.
The position and duration of the advert. Whether the advert uses a single Image, a Carousel or a Video ad format.
The choice as to whether the advert takes customers to your Promotional Page within ANW or links to an external website.
The further option to Boost A Post within the site's activity feeds is also available. Helping to bring followers to your Business, Event, Group, or Blog

Protect Yourself, Protect ANW, Protect Naturism
Naturism is a universal, family friendly, non-sexual lifestyle and ANW actively support that fact.
ANW wishes to promote naturism to encourage a better understanding today and protect it for future generations.
The words Naturism and Nudism have been badly used by many on the internet as a way of legitimising sexual behaviour and encouraging exhibitionism, voyeurism and pornographic and illegal images.
ANW finds this damage to the reputation of the lifestyle as unacceptable and does not allow predatory behaviour, graphic imagery or profiles icons of specific body parts.
Naturism is about accepting the body as a whole and not about highlighting specific parts.
A need to concentrate on exposing certain parts of the body is just as unnatural as a need to make sure those parts are covered up.
To help ensure that ANW encourages naturist behaviour ANW has limited features and areas for the casual "Guest" and offers a Free Verification Service as well as the paying Member levels.
This discourages fake profiles and offensive imagery.
We also encourage all members to contact ANW with any concerns over behaviour.

Features for Different Member Levels &
Verified Profiles

ANW Site Map

ANW is...
The sum of its growing number of respectful and friendly naturists.
It is also the collaborative effort of Anna & Steve. "We started thinking about building a naturist website while living in Cornwall, England - because we were disappointed at the way naturism was portrayed and how hard it was to find proper information away from some of the sites run by National Associations .
After moving to Spain with our two sons we started to hone our plans and collate a database of locations. We spent two and a half years building the site.
During which time we also started to share our naturist story on our blog "A Naturist Family" which has been transferred to the Blog area of ANW.
We want ANW to be a site that we would want to be members of and for it to fill the disappointing void we found when searching the internet for naturist information.
We will always be adding to ANW and improving it but in May 2020 we decided it was complete enough to start sharing ANW with other genuine naturist around the world."

"We are always receiving kind messages of praise for our work and for ANW." Here are a few:
"Thanks. Finally a website that is aimed at real naturists." "The two of you are true ambassadors of naturism. You deserve our admiration and thanks." "Thank you for allowing me to share this site." "Your bravery has inspired me to come out of the naturist closet" "I have never paid for membership of a nudist site before but I have done for your site because it is the first time I have been on a site and agreed with the principals. It is so refreshing to be on a site that is used by people that understand nudity is not about sex." "Thanks for all the effort you put in to make this site safe and free from pervs." "The verification scheme is a great idea thanks for implementing it and taking the time out to verify me and others." "There seems to be a real nice group of genuine nudists developing here and we should thank you for all the hard work you have put in to making this site." "This is the best nudist site on the internet and I am telling the other members of my club about you."

"We thank the many many words of support and kindness that we have received through ANW and our continuing efforts to promote naturism.
As a whole, Naturists are by nature genuine and friendly people so we shouldn't be surprised - but every bit of praise means so much and is truly touching.
We also thank you the reader of this Media Pack for taking time to find out more about ANW and hope to see you on the site soon." - Anna & Stev

If you have any questions about ANW reach out to us via email to [email protected]

The Words and Images of this Media Pack are the copyright of ANW Social Media 2021