Maximise Your Membership

By upgrading to an Annual or Life Membership you have a much wider choice of features and areas within ANW to discover, explore and connect with likeminded naturists around the world.
ANW want all Members to enjoy the site and make use of the opportunities available. This page looks at some of the extra features on offer to subscribing Members;

Greater Interaction

Follow, Comment, Like, Rate and Review

As a Member you can rate and review other members on the site as well as the beach destinations and other categories under the "Explore" section.
You can also add comments, rate and review blog posts and articles. Just click on the review tab on the relevant pages.
Leaving reviews is a fantastic way of sharing information and interacting.

Amazing Albums

Share your precious moments and enjoy over 600 albums and 10,000 photographs shared by the community. They remain in the album library as long as you are a Member.

Name your album and place them into categories and sub-categories and add to them as you wish.
New photos and albums will display on the activity feed, and albums will be linked to and from your profile page.

Groups and Meet Ups

As part of your Life or Annual Membership, you can create a group to socialise around any topic with other members who enjoy similar interests.
Groups act as smaller communities within ANW, and are places of discussion and sharing. You can design Polls, Albums and invite your friends.
You can create location based Meet Up groups and organise events for your group community.

Members Only Blog Library

Life and Annual Members have their own exclusive Members Only Blog Library with the ability to share their blog posts in a more private setting.

Blog Library

As a Life or Annual Member you can freely create Blog Posts to share in the Members Only Blog Library or within the wider community Blog Library,
and can
 interact with your favourite bloggers through comments and reviews.
Don't forget to create a blogging name for Members to search for all of your posts.

The Forum

The Forum is split into four different categories and seventeen sub categories.
You can reply directly to individual posts via comment, add reputation to people for work they do on the Forum, like and rate the topic, like and give thanks to individual posts.
If you have a topic in mind that is not already there, please go ahead and create it.

Vote in the ANW Members Polls

Have your say, and take part in the official ANW Members Polls, or put forward your own suggestion.
Not only is it a bit of fun, but also helps create a better understanding of the members that use the site and paints a clearer picture of how naturism is viewed around the world.

Fill in your Profile Questions and become Verified

By sharing more details about yourself and taking part in the free Verification Service, you will build trust in your profile and find it easier making friends.

Beach Pages

Upload your Photographs and share your experiences within the Beach Listings destination pages.
If you can not find the photograph tab in the beach pages menu, get in touch and we will add the tab for you.
If your favourite beach is not listed yet, tell us about it and we will make a listing.


Easy access to the favourite or frequently used content of the site.
You can add shortcuts of any content/item profile page by clicking on the ‘Add to shortcuts Button’.
You will see your Shortcuts within the sidebar of the main activity feed.

Activity Feed

Post and comment within the main Activity Feed and make connections and friendships


Receive commission free gifting for naturist related charity events, building and improving naturist opportunities, supporting causes and raising awareness. 

ANW wants to help naturism around the world and offers Free Fundraising Pages to genuine enterprises and causes.  

Are you an owner or representative of a Naturist Opportunity?

As well as all of the usual features of the site, Life and Annual Members can promote their naturist endeavours by upgrading to an Enterprise Membership package.

Affiliations and Links

ANW is proud to share special working relationships with some of the naturist enterprises on the site.
If you are a naturist enterprise and want to find out more, please contact Steve or Anna.

Discounts and Offers

Some of the wonderful naturist venues and businesses around the world wish to offer Life and Annual Members of ANW the opportunity to receive exclusive promotions.

Badge Credits

And as a Life Member or Annual Member enjoy fun Badge Credits for your Site Input...

badge credits

Follow Notices and Competitions 

Keep an eye out for other Life and Annual Member opportunities under the Members tab of the main menu.
Like the taking part in the First Time Naturist Stories Article, or sending entries into the Photograph Competition.

Take advantage of all ANW has to offer and sign up

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The more we interact and share as individuals and as a community the greater the community will become and the more other people will join in and do similar.