Using ANW For Individuals



Our mission is to give A Naturist World users a platform in which to explore, share and collaborate in a trusted environment with like-minded naturist individuals.

As you may have read on the landing page before joining the site; A Naturist World has been developed to enable users like yourself to:

Discover - The Universal Joys Of Social Nudity - For naturist men, women, couples and families. 

If you consider the mission statement and description when using the site it will ensure the site remains a safe and respectful community for everyone to enjoy. All terms and policies are easily found within the footer menu of the site.

You will find links to the relevant pages n the headings below.

Member Verification - To encourage openness and honesty within ANW; all users of the community can be verified for free by the administration team. Upon sending the required documentation you will receive a verification badge on your profile page, which also displays in various browsing options across the site. As a family or individual you may wish to be known by a username rather than your birth names, this does not matter for verification. Verification will not be name based but reflect gender, age, location and other information you may want verified.

Membership - As an individual you can enjoy ANW in various ways using the many features and packages available. The following information recognises individual use as personal membership as opposed to business membership and covers the use of ANW for families and couples as well as single users. Guests are not allowed into the album area so thumbnails are across the site will not enlarge unless permitted to do so by the photo owner.

Guests - As a guest you have free access to certain areas of the site and limited participation:

  • Personal profile page with dashboard, activity feed and other features.
  • Follow, create and share in new friendships.
  • Find naturist days out, businesses, holidays, services etc.
  • Read articles and reviews.

Verified Members - Have the same benefits as Guest Members but can also

  • Upload a profile photograph,
  • Read blog posts
  • Join groups upon invitation.
  • Comment on Events, Groups, Blogs, Business Pages, Beach Destinations and Articles.

Members - As a member your annual subscription enables you to have active participation and greater access. 

  • Personal profile page with dashboard, activity feed and a much greater level of features and storage than that of a Verified Guest.
  • Create posts in the activity feed.
  • Comment, rate and review locations, features, businesses, and members across the site.
  • Earn badge credits for site input.
  • Take part in polls.
  • Create Groups 
  • Create Blog Posts
  • Create and share albums.
  • Debate in the forum.
  • Receive exclusive naturist discounts and offers.
  • Promote your Naturist Business by Creating a Free Business Page and List Events for Free until the end of 2021.

As a member you are able to use ANW for the promotion by producing advertising campaigns and supplying discounts and offers.  See using ANW for business for more details.

Members can also:

  • Starting Gifting and Funding projects - You may wish to raise funding for a beach clean, sponsorship awareness, or receive recognition for the creative work you do within ANW. See using ANW for business for more details.
  • Creating a Group - If you have a specific passion you wish to share with others or are running a class or a meet up group then this feature is an ideal way of keeping in touch and finding new friends / followers. Depending on the requirements of your group, you can ask members for an annual fee which can be done by creating a project via Gifting and Funding. See using ANW for business for more details
  • Producing Blog Posts  - sharing your thoughts, ideas and creativity via regular or one off blog posts is a wonderful way to connect with other members and develop an understanding of naturism around the world. Once again you can ask for recognition of the time and effort in producing a regular blog through Gifting and Funding.

You may decide to become a Life Member of ANW;

Life Member - You get all of the features of being member forever plus higher storage level and a 10% discount on all fee-based packages as well as saving money on membership long-term. 

Upgrading - If you wish to upgrade during your current subscription, please get in touch, and ANW will arrange a discount to cover the remainder of your term to be deducted from the upgraded price. Downgrading during the year is not refundable.

FAQs - We have developed a comprehensive FAQs section which you can find located in the main menu of the site. As it is important to us that not only are you able to get the most of ANW and are able to understand all the features of the website, but it also aids in the clarification of your queries and solving problems.

Feedback - The easily accessible Feedback button located on the left hand side of the screen enables us to collect and act upon your valuable feedback and ideas you may have for site improvements, features, possible bugs and any issues you as a user may have. 

ANW hope that you have a great time on the site and find it both fun and helpful and enjoy sharing and creating with your fellow members.