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  • Posted July 23, 2021
    Thanks for sharing Sam. Ours arrived this morning and we are reading it right now!
  • Posted July 22, 2021
    Hi all, hope people in the UK been enjoying some of the hot weather we’ve had lately!

    The latest H&E is out, August 2021, available HERE. Here are some more details...

    In this issue, Rayner Otter explores the ‘Zoomer generation’ – the lockdown phenomenon that’s seen younger people explore naturism like never before. He talks to Steph McManus of Body Freedom International, who featured in our June issue, and Instagram star Beatrice Berry, who told her story in H&E back in October 2020.

    We also look back on the life of ‘the stuntman of Spielplatz’, Roy Scammell, who doubled for some of the biggest Hollywood stars during his colourful career – and now his home at the ’naked village’, Pinewood, is up for sale.

    The winners of the inaugural Naturist Travel Awards are revealed, and Charlie Simonds reports on what was his final Parafotos photography masterclass at Pevors Farm.

    Meanwhile, John and Barbara Lower join the first naturist walk across Morecambe Bay, Robert Sanders explores the ’naturist/naturalist’ confusion, Clive Hyde visits Australia’s vast Northern Territory, and Paul Rouse investigates the world of naked cleaning, and asks – is it more than just a passing fad?

    And of course there’s more from Anna, of this very website...