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  • Posted September 23, 2021
    Another great edition - and the link works fine. Steve and I had great fun reading the Coventry article as he has many personal memories of a city obsessed with Lady Godiva. We will have to revisit it soon. 
  • Posted September 23, 2021

    Hello all - just to let you know that the October issue of H&E is out now!

    In this issue, various writers report from the World Naked Bike Ride events around the UK, which returned for the first time since Covid restrictions were lifted. Barry Freeman notches up another four rides, while Robert Sanders couldn’t decide whether to do London or Brighton - so he did both!

    Theresa O’Shea heads up to the north-west of Spain and discovers some of Galicia’s best beaches, while Paul Rouse looks at the ‘wizards of Oz’ - the enterprising naturists of Australia. Ian Roberts goes for a day trip to the current City of Culture, Coventry, to discover more about the legend of Lady Godiva, while Sheila Maycock investigates the numerous mental health benefits of naturism.

    The Naturist Action Group’s John Paine reports on a French-themed naturist picnic at the Welsh Harp reservoir in London - which has a colourful history of its own, while Rayner Otter visits his holiday home in Austria and reports back on the tensions between bikers and hikers, offering some tips for nude walkers on avoiding the tourist hordes. Charlie Simonds enjoys a photoshoot with Ella at one of his favourite spots for ‘free-range’ naturism, the river Dart in Devon.

    Plus, Steve Clarke concludes his Home or Away feature by looking back on his extensive global travels, and Anna Woodings from this very website wonders where all the naturist families have gone…


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