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  • Posted December 17, 2021
    We are looking forward to receiving our copy  - Merry Christmas to you 
  • Posted December 16, 2021

    Hello all! 

    Sorry I haven’t posted for a bit.... been a bit crazily busy in recent months and I’m ready for a break! wait.png

    Just to let you know the January 2022 issue is out now, in which we inevitably look towards the turning of the year, with Anna Woodings from this very website reflecting on 12 months of change and what 2022 has in store, and Rayner Otter asking what eco-friendly naturist resolutions you might consider making as climate change issues become ever more urgent. 

    In the latest Body Freedom International story, Chris Gimby, who is trans and non-binary, shares their inspiring story; Stuart Hooper pays a welcome return visit to Pevors Farm, in Essex, while France-based Marion Burkimsher heads to Brittany, the opposite end of the country from where she lives, and discovers miles of gorgeous beaches.

    Colin Wilson sets up a stunning photoshoot with Rose at a butterfly house, Tim Forcer takes an in-depth look at the photographic art of Jean-Paul Bourdier in his latest book, Body Mirror, and Robert Sanders explains how “vision boards” can promote positive thinking.

    Plus, Steve Loxley goes in search of a naked workaway placement, Paul Rouse meets a New York yoga guru, Charlie and Ella get back to nature, and Barry Freeman reports on more frustration for travellers hit by a perfect storm of Brexit red tape and Covid restrictions.

    On sale at www.henaturist.net now!