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  • Posted June 10, 2022
    Hello beautiful member of ANW. As you may know, the Nudism series of books has met its public and more books are planned. The next one, inspired by an exchange I add with our own Anna from ANW and titled temporarily Nudism, a passion, is currently being written and needs you!

    The book aims at being slightly different from the previous ones. It will focus on people stories, how they became nudists and how they live as nudists. For this book to be a success, I need you! If you’re interested in being featured in the book, drop me an email (marc at nuetheureux dot com), so I can provide some guidance on what is expected.

    Nudism, a passion will provide the recipe for embracing the nudist lifestyle, through life examples of those who did and do it. It aims at making people understand that nudism is the best possible lifestyle for the 21st century. Through real-life stories and the latest progress of life science, it will guide textiles through a world of simplicity, openness, and respect. All your stories are interesting. Come and share them, we will make sure they are written in the best possible way to help others understand nudism and its many benefits.

    I count on you! Thank you in advance.