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A Naturist World has featured in...

H&E Naturist Magazine

ANW is a regular contributor in the world’s leading monthly commercial magazine focusing on the naturist and nudist lifestyle.

The Australian Naturist Magazine

ANW is a regular contributor in Australia’s most popular Naturist publication.

Go Natural Magazine

ANW is a regular contributor in the New Zealand Naturist Federation's Magazine



"Finding ANW was a breath of fresh air. I have tried other so called naturist/nudist sites/groups and they were clearly not about naturism. I soon left them feeling appalled and disappointed. ANW has been a saving grace."- Steve F August 2023


 "My experience with ANW so far is that it is a well-run site that is truly about naturism. People are respectful and genuine. There are opportunities for expanding your circle of friends and possibly meeting up socially in the real world. For newbies, it’s a safe place to explore, ask questions and become comfortable on their naturist journey." Rob NSW March 2023


 "ANW is the ONLY naturist publication/site/whatever that I support financially. When Steve and Anna first announced Life memberships I felt it was an excellent choice for me. I honestly don't know how they offered it at the price they did! Of all the sites that I've ever looked at theirs is probably the best, naturist or non-naturist. Kudos to you both!" - Jonathan Fuzzybear52 Jan 2023


"There is no greater example of this in action today than ANW, which has built a community on equality and respect, as all of us have been welcomed in with complete acceptance and been given a place where we can communicate as equals. It is a shining example of what naturism should be, and we would say, if you are involved with a club, or part of a group, or involved with organising an event, follow the lead of ANW and welcome everyone with warmth, for that is the true naturist way." R&R Jan-2023


"Although being long standing naturists, the day we joined ANW on 23/07/2021 was really special. It was so refreshing to see the enthusiasm put in by Anna & Steve in enhancing the naturist world. It has opened up connections with others in a safe and secure way." - By Michael and Sue.


"We tip toed into ANW, and were a little hesitant at first, having had one or two negative experiences on other sites, which just goes to show, what an amazing community we have found ourselves in." "The go to platform for naturism" - By Rin and Robin. 


"Every aspect of naturism is present on the site, from blogs to (camp) sites to beaches to art, you name it. No other platform is as complete as ANW." - Marc - Nude and Happy.


"The safety moderation and quick responses by you (Anna) and Steve are one of the main reasons I have basically chosen this site as my main Naturist place. The tools in place let me feel extremely free in posting and sharing more than I would otherwise in other venues, apps and media." - Edward Charlieonthebeach.


"Thank you for the site and all of your work and efforts! While I’m still a new member to the site I feel that everyone is very kind. I also feel safe here sharing content, thoughts and ideas. So thank for building a true naturism social media site." - Marc H.

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