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  • River Rhein - Basel
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  • Untersee Glarisegg Steckborn
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  • Fischbacher Moos Fischbach - G\u00f6slikon
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  • Strandbad Tiefenbrunnen
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  • Freibad Marzili - Marzer
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  • River Rhein - Basel
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Switzerland offers some of the best wild swimming in Europe. From crystal rivers to opal lakes, the rivers Rhine [Rhein], Aare, Rhône, Reuss and Ticino are Switzerland's largest rivers. They all originate in the centre of Switzerland's Alps.

Switzerland is divided into 26 regions called cantons and public nudity is generally legal in the entire country with the notable exception of the canton; Appenzell Innerrhoden where public nudity carries a fine of up to 200 Swiss Francs.

There are rivers and lakes where nudity is possible, mainly in the smaller mountains and hills of the more densely populated north. From July to August, you can enjoy the daytime temperature range of 18 to 28 °C (65° - 82° F).

Should you be looking for naturist accommodation, there are naturist campsites to enjoy. There are some naturist clubs that meet up and enjoy indoor swims and a couple of spas for naked use.
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