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  • Wreck Beach
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  • Three Mile Beach
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  • Nudy Dock -  Lost Lake
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  • Nipple Point
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  • Crystal Crescent Beach
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  • Port Burwell Provincial Park
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Canada is the world’s second-largest country by total area. The history of this Canada accepting nudity is quite long and also quite impressive.

The first Canadian naturist club was founded in 1918 Welland, Ontario. In 1931 The Criminal Code first defines nudity as an offence in response to mass nude anti-conscription protests by radical Doukhobors, a Russian pacifist religious sect.

1939 The Van Tan Club is founded in Vancouver by Ray Connett. Today, it’s the oldest naturist club in Canada.

Canada has a tangle of confusing and inconsistently-enforced nudity laws. In B.C., a 1971 Supreme Court case found that “nude sunbathing is not of sufficient moral turpitude to support a charge for doing an indecent act.” Generally speaking, Canadian courts are lenient on public nudity as long as it’s non-sexual and not harassing anyone.

There are relatively few official nudist beaches in Canada for its size.

Canada is also home to a few bed and breakfasts, naturist campgrounds. Various clubs and groups help to promote naturism and arrange meet-ups for fellow naturists to take part in activities like naked swims or yoga sessions.
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  • Lac De La Montagne
    July 1, 2019, 0 reviews , 117 views, 0 likes
    Lac-de-la-Montagne, QC, Canada - Get Directions
    A quiet peaceful lake where you can sunbath on the large rocks and enjoy the lakeside tranquility. Not official so...  more
  • Paradise Beach
    July 1, 2019, 0 reviews , 129 views, 0 likes
    Valley Road, Saskatoon, SK, Canada - Get Directions
    Paradise Beach better known by its users as “Bare-Ass” Beach, is a popular clothing optional beach on the South...  more
  • Blooming Point Beach
    July 1, 2019, 0 reviews , 227 views, 0 likes
    Blooming Point Beach, Macdonald Road, Mount Stewart, PE, Canada - Get Directions
    Blooming Point Beach is an unofficial naturist beach located on the North Shore of Prince Edward Island.Unspoiled by...  more
  • Martinique Beach
    July 1, 2019, 0 reviews , 456 views, 0 likes
    Martinique Beach, Martinique Beach Road, Halifax, NS, Canada - Get Directions
    Martinique Beach is Nova Scotia’s longest sandy beach measuring 3.4 km. Located just 40 km outside of Halifax, at the...  more
  • Cotton Tail Corner - North Saskatchewan River
    July 1, 2019, 0 reviews , 381 views, 0 likes
    Cotton Tail Corner, Parkland County, AB, Canada - Get Directions
    Cotton Tale Corner, situated on the North Saskatchewan River has a sign stating it as a clothing optional nude bathing area....  more
  • Port Burwell Provincial Park
    July 1, 2019, 0 reviews , 587 views, 0 likes
    Ontario parks, 9 Wilson Lane, Port Burwell, Bayham, ON, Canada - Get Directions
    Port Burwell Provincial Park is located near the Port Burwell Lighthouse, which is one of the oldest wooden lighthouses in...  more
  • Beechgrove Beach
    July 1, 2019, 0 reviews , 213 views, 0 likes
    East Point Park, Copperfield Road, Scarborough, ON, Canada - Get Directions
    On the most eastern edge of Toronto in Scarborough, Ontario, is Beachgrove Beach, (a.k.a. East Point Park). This unofficial...  more
  • Meech Lake - Lac Meech
    July 1, 2019, 0 reviews , 341 views, 0 likes
    Gatineau Park, Gatineau, Québec, Canada - Get Directions
    Meech Lake / Lac Meech is a beautiful large lake surrounded by woodland and situated in Gatineau Park - 20 minutes from...  more
  • Rivi\u00e8re du Gouffre, Baie Saint-Paul
    July 1, 2019, 0 reviews , 135 views, 0 likes
    rivière du Gouffre, Baie-Saint-Paul, QC, Canada - Get Directions
    Baie-Saint-Paul is situated 60 minutes from Quebec City. Sea kayaking is a popular activity. There is naturist bathing...  more
  • Three Mile Beach
    July 1, 2019, 0 reviews , 160 views, 1 like
    Three Mile Beach, Three Mile Road, Penticton, British Columbia, Canada - Get Directions
    Located on Okanagan Lake at Three Mile Road, just off Naramata Road is Three Mile Lake. The beach is separated into two...  more
  • Patricia Beach
    July 1, 2019, 0 reviews , 142 views, 0 likes
    Patricia Beach Provincial Park, Beaconia, MB, Canada - Get Directions
    Patricia Beach is a clothing optional beach situated on the South Shore of Lake Winnipeg.Although not official there is a...  more
  • Beaconia Beach
    July 1, 2019, 0 reviews , 205 views, 0 likes
    Beaconia, MB, Canada - Get Directions
    Situated northeast of Patricia beach along the shore of Lake Winnipeg, and separated by a 250 meter- wide channel is...  more
  • Sandbanks Provincial Park
    July 1, 2019, 0 reviews , 166 views, 0 likes
    Sandbanks Provincial Park, County Road 12, Picton, ON, Canada - Get Directions
    Sandbanks Provincial Park (Sandbanks) is an Ontario park famous for its beaches (Outlet Beach, Sandbanks Beach, and Dunes...  more
  • Red Sands Beach - Painted Rock
    July 1, 2019, 0 reviews , 119 views, 0 likes
    Bealby Point Rd, Nelson, BC, Canada - Get Directions
    Nelson's unofficial nude beach, Red Sands, is located near Bealby Point, and is a friendly, low-key spot.The water is very...  more
  • Nipple Point
    July 1, 2019, 0 reviews , 742 views, 0 likes
    Salmon Arm, Salmon Arm, British Columbia, Canada - Get Directions
    Nipple Point Beach is a non official but tolerated naturist beach located between Salmon Arm and Sicamous just off the trans...  more
  • Prior Lake
    July 1, 2019, 0 reviews , 111 views, 0 likes
    Prior Lake Parking, Highland Road, Victoria, British Columbia, Canada - Get Directions
    Prior Lake is a tiny naturist paradise which is part of Thetis Lake Regional Park, and is situated behind the much larger...  more
  • Nudy Dock -  Lost Lake
    July 1, 2019, 0 reviews , 432 views, 1 like
    Lost Lake, Whistler, BC, Canada - Get Directions
    Lost Lake is a tranquil and secluded lake that hides in the forest extending from Whistler Village. It offers 100 kilometres...  more
  • Plage du Parc de la Pointe-Taillon
    July 1, 2019, 0 reviews , 329 views, 0 likes
    Parc national de la Pointe-Taillon, Saint-Henri-de-Taillon, Quebec, QC, Canada - Get Directions
    On this 15 km, sandy beach on the shores of Lake Saint-Jean, naturists must follow indications worthy of a treasure hunt to...  more
  • Boom Defense Beach
    July 1, 2019, 0 reviews , 114 views, 0 likes
    Boom Defense, Gaspé, QC, Canada - Get Directions
    During the Second World War, military installations were erected in Gaspé Bay to protect the British and Canadian...  more
  • Plague Cap-aux-Oies
    July 1, 2019, 0 reviews , 192 views, 0 likes
    Cap-aux-Oies, QC, Canada - Get Directions
    In the hollow of this small bay of the St. Lawrence, the kilometer of naturist beach of Cap-aux-Oies brings together salt...  more