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Your ANW User Guide 2023

When we created ANW, we wished for it to be a "One Stop Shop" for all things naturist. In doing so, we have created a large and feature rich website. The size of this User Guide is a reflection of the scope of opportunities ANW has to offer. It is by no means a complete guide to the whole site, but hopefully it shares enough information to help you on your way.                


1) The Purpose of ANW
2) Safety on ANW 

3) Choosing Your Membership Level

4) Annual Membership For Representatives of Naturist Enterprises

5) Pricing and Currencies

6) Account Creation

7) Arriving on ANW

8) Profile Options

9) Customising Your Profile Page

10) Verification

11) Your Notifications

12) Communicating with Members, Groups and Enterprises

13) Blocking and Reporting

14) Your Shortcuts

15) Members Homepage

16) Main Menu Links

17) Discover
  • Articles and Appraisals
  • Naturism in the News
  • ANW Newsletters 
  • ANW Information
  • FAQs

18) Explore
  • Beach Destinations
  • Holidays & Clubs with Camping
  • Daytime Clubs & Societies
  • Experiences & Excursions
  • Holistic & Wellness
  • Products & Services
  • Events
  • World Naked Bike Rides

19) Connect
  • Affiliations & Links
  • ANW Logo Branding
  • Out & About with ANW
  • Working Holidays
  • Find Friends
  • Community Blog Library
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20) ANW Members Area
  • Albums
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  • Images For Art
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21) The Footer Menu

1) The Purpose of ANW

ANW has been created for naturist individuals, families and opportunities to communicate with each other, to share knowledge, points of view, products, stories and friendships; and to help guide newcomers into the wonders of naturism. It is a safe place for people to share their naturism with family and friends, to meet new people, find holiday destinations, beaches, clubs and other venues. Create blogs, write articles, discuss topics and submerge themselves in a world of naturism.

ANW aims to help fight against preconceptions of naturism, support causes and aid in bringing a better worldwide appreciation of naturism. The site believes naturism is fantastic fun; that it helps create a physically and emotionally healthier society and should be open to all.

ANW believes that the website, like naturism itself, should primarily be a positive and joyful experience with a serious side. ANW has a duty to convey the right attitude towards the lifestyle, society and the world. Members have the right to feel comfortable on the site. They should expect other users to behave as suitably as they would if they were to visit a naturist beach or join a club. Members will find ANW to be a positive extension to their naturist lives and help improve the quality of their naked adventures. ANW offers a Free Verification Service as part of an initiative to encourage honest and appropriate behaviour. Anti-social conduct is extremely rare, and not tolerated, all users are encouraged to report any unwelcome behaviour. The ANW motto in this respect is "Protect Yourself, Protect ANW and Protect Naturism."

ANW only allows advertising of products and services from businesses that are members of the site and have a product/service to promote that is suitable to the naturist market. You won't see annoying flashing popup ads, cookie style advertising or advertising of anything not relevant to our Naturist World.

2) Safety on ANW

The information you share on ANW is for connecting purposes only, by completing your profile questions you are allowing people to know a little about you. We may on occasions refer to site statistics, such as how many members are from the USA, but your personal information is never shared with any third party company for marketing or anu other purposes. You will not be targeted with pop-up-style adverts, you will not be asked to accept cookies on signing in, your time on ANW is for mutually exchanging an interest in naturism with other people around the world, finding information about naturist opportunities and sharing knowledge. This time is yours and is not something ANW believes should be tracked by external bodies for marketing purposes.

In the December 2021 site survey which was open to all Members, 89% of those taking part rated safety as an important and positive aspect of ANW. It is something ANW feels very strongly about and we are proud of the respectful and appropriate ANW community that is both a credit to humanity and naturism.

ANW offers a free and simple verification service for all members to use which encourages trust. More information on this can be found at topic 10 of this User guide. ANW encourages all members to take part in this service and believes that it is totally fair for members to ask that other members become verified before following them or accepting friendships. If you agree that this is important, you can use this suggested message as a general reply to all members who have not been verified: "Thank you for the friendship request. I choose to not accept friendships from those users who have not filled in their member profile questions and taken part in Free Verification Service. Please refer to the ANW user guide for more information or contact ANW about the process at [email protected]. It is nothing personal but I believe it is important to know a little about someone and that they are basically who they say they are before becoming friends. Once you have become verified please ask again and I will be happy to consider your friendship."

ANW suggests that all members take sensible precautions when trusting others. The ANW community is very friendly. 97% of those completing the survey rated ANW as friendly. So it is easy to assume everyone is suitably behaved and honest. However, it is impossible to guarantee the behaviour and actions of all users of the site. Other than the Verification: Consider peoples input, what they share, what they post, how they communicate, what they write about in the forum. How do they appear in private messages? Show caution before you swap emails, and even more before meeting up away from ANW. If they ask you to send photos or make statements about why they do not share images themselves or why it is better to communicate via email, don't be afraid to ask yourself what their real intention may be. Complaints of bad or inappropriate behaviour are thankfully very, very rare. But that doesn't mean that you should assume everyone is as honest as you.

ANW doesn't like to dwell too much on the negatives of the misuse of naturism on the internet. No genuine naturist using ANW should pester other members, wish to share sexual images or make anyone feel uncomfortable. It should go without saying that as ANW is a naturist site then it is porn free and not about swinging. However, many websites using the terms of naturism and nudism do fail to present genuine naturism. We ask all members to report anyone who breaks the code of reasonable conduct on ANW. No one should allow anyone else to make them feel uncomfortable or make them want to delete their account with ANW. This is a naturist site and it is for the use of people who treat the site, the members and naturism with respect. By reporting site abuse, allowing us to remove those abusers and remaining on ANW yourself, you are helping to keep ANW safe for all naturists to use for many years to come, and ensuring that anyone choosing the naturist lifestyle understand it and choose it for the right reasons. Never believe that ANW would endorse or allow any negative behaviour towards you, other members or naturism. We can only remove offending members if we are made aware of them.

ANW asks all members to "Protect Yourself, Protect ANW and Protect Naturism."

3) Choosing Your Membership Level 

When you first visit ANW, you will head to the Sign Up tab and choose from the one the five Membership levels listed below. The first three packages are for personal Memberships, these include use by families, couples or single users. You can upgrade your Membership at any time. Packages will display in your chosen currency. 


Guests - Free to Join- As a guest user you can explore parts of ANW, read about naturism and find naturist opportunities around the world. Access and features will be limited but you can:

Fill in information on your own profile page.
Follow, create and share in new friendships.
Find naturist days out, businesses, holidays, services etc.
Read articles and reviews.

Verified Guests - those that choose the Guest User Plan can take part in the free verification service after signing in to become a verified Guest. Access and features will be limited but you can:

Upload a profile photograph (like the one in the image below) to your own profile page.
Read Blog posts in the Connect area of ANW.
Join groups upon invitation.
Comment on Events, Groups, Blogs,  "Explore" Pages, and Articles.

Annual Member - Runs for a year from the day you subscribe. If you are or become Verified, you will get Featured Status. As a Member your annual subscription gives you full and active participation across the whole of the ANW.

Personal profile page with dashboard, activity feed and a much greater level of features and storage than that of a Verified Guest.
Join in the Live Chats.
Create posts in the activity feed.
Comment, Rate and Review locations, features, businesses, and members across the site.
Join the live ANW online chats
Create Featured Groups, organise Meet Ups and group events, and find opinions through creating Polls within their group.
Create Featured Blog Posts in either the wider community blog area or the more private subscribing members blog section.
Create and share albums.
Upload short videos.
Debate in the Forum.
Take part in the ANW Interactive Projects
Receive exclusive Naturist Discounts and Offers.
Take part in Polls
Earn Badge Credits for site input.
Create relevant Naturist Related Featured Fundraising Pages


Life Member  - Gives you all of the features of being a Member, forever. You will also be given the opportunity for being given a working holiday in the Connecting ANW Enterprises with ANW Explorers. Create relevant Naturist Related Sponsored Fundraising Pages,. Plus the highest storage level as well as saving money on Membership long-term. Become Verified and you get Sponsored Status - this gives you priority placement in browsing results. Life Members who represent a naturist opportunity can purchase a Sponsored Explore page for the same price of a Featured page less the cost of a standard Annual Member.   

4) Annual Membership For Representatives of Naturist Enterprises

You can promote your Naturist Endeavour on ANW by selecting one of the two Enterprise packages. Life Members who represent a naturist opportunity can purchase a Sponsored page within the "Explore" menu heading for a discounted price of £20.00. You receive all of the same Member benefits and features, and you also get to create and manage your own business page. 

To choose this plan upon sign up you need to go to the bottom of the packages page and scroll across to the right.

Annual Sponsored Entrepreneur includes the following;

The most visually prominent pages on the site, showcased at the top of browsing pages and within the Sponsored World Map of your category.

Sponsored pages have"Sponsored" label on their profile, and are highlighted with an attractive sponsored icon or label in listings.
Upload Photos and Video embeds to increase user engagement.
Create relevant Sponsored Event pages.
Page Dashboard gives quick and easy page creation: only mandatory fields like; page title, URL, description, etc appear in the page creation form. You can fill in the other details from the Page dashboard once the page is created.
Page Profile - Cover Photo and Information enables you to choose a cover photo for your page and page profile photo, with title and various action links like; Join Page, Like, Follow, etc are displayed.
Notifications when members "Follow" your page.
Marketing Multiple tools to increase the popularity of page like; Invite & Promote, Send an Update to those who like your page.
Listing Privacy can be chosen for viewing, commenting, posting photos on listing, appearing in search and discussions.
Control over your page comes a variety of features including; Rich overview creation, uploading photographs, starting discussions and much greater flexibility of promoting and communicating with your customers.
Data Insights and Statistics You can see detailed performance graphs and statistics for your page.
Free Entry into the Discounts & Offers feature for those pages wishing to take part.
Free Entry into the Affiliations & Links page
Free publicity within ANW Members Newsletters and to many thousands of ANW Followers on social media.

Annual Featured Enterprise


Page Dashboard gives quick and easy page creation: only mandatory fields like; page title, URL, description, etc appear in the page creation form. You can fill in the other details from the Page dashboard once the page is created.
Page Profile - Cover Photo and Information enables you to choose a cover photo for your page and page profile photo, with title and various action links like; Join Page, Like, Follow, etc are displayed.
Your page is listed higher in browsing results with a Featured Label and within the Featured World Map of your category.
Notifications when members "Follow" your page.
Marketing Multiple tools to increase the popularity of page like; Invite & Promote, Send an Update to those who like your page.
Listing Privacy can be chosen for viewing, commenting, posting photos on listing, appearing in search and discussions.
Control over your page comes a variety of features including; Rich overview creation, uploading photographs, starting discussions and much greater flexibility of promoting and communicating with your customers.
Data Insights and Statistics: You can see detailed performance graphs and statistics for your page.
Free Entry into the Discounts & Offers feature for those pages wishing to take part.
Free Entry into the Affiliations & Links page
Free publicity within ANW Members Newsletters and to many thousands of ANW Followers on social media.

To view the the promotional opportunities available on ANW for your business please click on Promoting on ANW which opens in a new window.

The Subscriptions link can be found here. It opens up in a new window.

5) Pricing and Currencies
Pricing in the tables are displayed in Pound Sterling. Individual subscriptions and packages will display prices in your preferred currency, by selecting from the Main Menu or within the General Settings page. There are no conversion rate charges, tax, or other fees added upon checkout.
ANW do not handle any sensitive credit card data on its servers. Instead, you can choose to be redirected to Stripe or Paypal where every transaction is encrypted using their advanced encryption technology. All major international debit and credit cards are taken. When you take out a subscription, you will receive an email notification two weeks before your plan is due to expire. You can cancel your subscription renewal at anytime before the end of the billing period. If you do not cancel your subscription your Annual Membership will automatically renew. Please refer to the point 16. Refund Policy within the Terms of Service for more information. If you have any questions, please send an email to [email protected].

6) Account Creation

It takes less than five minutes to sign up to ANW, and once you have done this you will receive a welcome email with a link to follow. Your email settings might make the link not clickable, in which case you can copy it and paste it into your browser. You will then be able login to the site using your new credentials. If for any reason you do not receive this email (please check in your junk folder first), then send an email to [email protected] where we will help you to access your account.

7) Arriving on ANW

Once you have signed in, you will be directed to the Members Homepage.  This is where the main activity feed of the site is.  As you explore ANW you will see hints and tips on how to start using the various functionalities of the site. 

Back to the top of the page, you will see an auto suggest search bar helping you to easily find content. By clicking on the magnifying glass you can choose specific searches for example, beaches or holiday destinations. Next to this is the sites mini menu, all of the items contained here will be personal to your account and includes links for Friend Requests, Notifications and Messages.

The circular icon at the top right of the page is your profile icon and takes you directly to your own profile page.

8) Profile Options

The Profile Options on your own profile page supplies an important link to "Edit my Profile". Your Profile name should be the name you use in everyday life, and can be for yourself as an individual, or mention you both as a couple or a family name so that people can connect with you. You don't have to use your real name, but it is easier for people to connect with you if you use a unique, memorable and audible user name, we discourage people from using sets of letters and numbers. Using a business name, organisation or a name suggesting an agenda for a Member Profile page is confusing to the other members of the site and detracts from the listings within the "Explore" menu tab and should not be used. This also protects the business entity or organisation from people taking their identity. By taking a few moments to fill out the other questions on this page, allows for easier searching in the browse Members page. There are nineteen questions, you don't have to answer them all, but it helps people learn more about you if you do. The information you share is used purely for connecting reasons making it easier to find friends and is not sold to or used by third parties.  

9) Customising Your Profile Page

Your Profile Page - displays your personal activity feed. - At the top of the page you will see a cover photo and your profile initials or photograph. There are settings choices in the settings tab.
Below this, is your page menu which displays your personal site input like your personal info, friends and a link to any "Explore" pages you might manage.

On the right hand sidebar is the Member Verification which displays the details of those who have been verified. There is a tab should you wish to upgrade your Membership and Profile options, Friend Requests and other activity.

10) Verification 

Once you have filled in your Member profile questions, as above, we recommend you take use of the Free Verification Service. It encourages openness and honesty within ANW and helps with making connections. All users of the community can be verified for free by the administration team.

When completing your profile questions as above, please remember the information does not need to be exact. Nicknames/Usernames are fine, suitably approximate date of birth and a nearby large town rather than specific location can be used. Verification will refer to gender, age in year blocks (eg mid 1970's) and your resident state/county and country.  

Then email a copy of photographic ID (passport/resident card/drivers license) with an accompanying photograph (dressed is fine) to the Admin team at ANW by clicking on this link which will take you to a form that you safely submit your documents. alternatively you can email [email protected] to be used for the completion of the verification. Accompanying imagery can be added to your verification such as Naturist Membership cards or any certificates that may be relevant to show your field of expertise if used within your profile. If your ID is linked to a different state/county and/or country to your profile location then please send proof of current residency with you ID. Unique ID reference numbers  and street name and number can be obscured if preferred but all imagery is deleted once the verification is complete.

As part of the friendly atmosphere on ANW profile sharing is encouraged. Verifying your Profile as a Couple or Family. Please send relevant ID and imagery for both adult profile users for Couple verification and add an accompanying family photograph (clothed is fine) for Family verification. 

Verified Members have a "tick" after their name and verification description. The information shared on your profile and used to complete the verification service is purely used to help build trust in the community and to make it easier for you to find friends and is not used by ANW for any other purpose or offered to any third parties.  

Verified Life Members receive Sponsored Status and verified Annual Members receive Featured Status.

11) Your Notifications

Located within the mini menu, at the very top of all of the sites pages is a notifications bell. 

Controlling your Notifications

12) Communicating with Members, Groups and Enterprises

You can connect with fellow ANW Members in a variety of ways. You can send your Respect to Members for their input (by visiting their profile page).

Send a poke or two (see the Profile Options Image below), request friendships, leave a review on their profile page, send messages and add comments to their posts. All communication should be respectful, pester free and appropriate to Naturism and ANW. Comments should not be of a flirtatious nature or referring to people's bodies or nudity in a way that could make someone uncomfortable. You should treat Members of ANW with the same courtesy that you would show them at a club or on a beach.

If someone wishes to make friends with you and they have not completed their profile questions or become verified, it is totally suitable for you to reject their friendship and/or ask for them to take part in the free Verification service before accepting their friendship.

13) Blocking and Reporting

The ability to block fellow Members from your profile page can be done from their profile page. ANW hopes this is a feature that will be rarely used. If you wish to block a Member because you do not get on with them, then that is your prerogative. However, if in the rare event, you should wish to block someone because of their disrespectful, pestering, anti-social or non naturist behaviour, we then request that you report this behaviour and the Member in question to us by emailing [email protected] or via the "Report" link in Profile Options of their profile page. This action is not simply about protecting yourself from bad behaviour, but also protecting other Members of ANW, the reputation of the site and the reputation of naturism. We want no one ever leave the site because of someone else's bad behaviour, it should be the person who breaks the rules of good conduct of ANW who is removed. - Protect Yourself - Protect ANW - Protect Naturism.

On the left hand sidebar (dependant upon your Membership level) is your badge (see Member's Badges below), personal statistics, likes and friends.

14) Your Shortcuts

A useful feature of the site is the shortcuts feature. It enables you to quickly add a favourite beach listing, event, Member etc simply by pressing the "Add to Shortcuts" tab on the necessary page. Please see the example below;

Below is an example of what your Shortcuts collection will look like located in the right hand sidebar on your profile page.

15) Members Homepage

You can easily navigate to the Homepage by clicking on this logo  
You will find it placed above the main menu on every page. The main part on this page is the Activity Feed which displays some of the Members' interaction and user engagement, apart from the main activity feed you will also see the following;

Welcome - you be greeted with a Welcome which is displayed at the top of the main activity feed page. This area displays welcome content to you and is a place where you can add friends from other networks, find friends and suggests friends to you. 

What's New - This tab is located next to the Welcome tab and displays various activity from around ANW, giving you the ability to like and comment, dependant upon Membership level, and create own posts - again, dependant upon Membership level. Clicking on the links will take you to other site content or clicking on Member profile displays personal info about that Member as well as links to request friendship.

Menu tab for Guest and Verified Guest Users with easy access to new content.

The left hand sidebar - displays your personal quick links for example - View your profile, birthdays, find friends etc, as well as personal recommendations from around the site.

The right hand sidebar - displays adverts, site statistics, your shortcuts and choices and other suggestions.

16) Main Menu Links

The main menu is displayed across the top of every page on the site and most of the sub links opens up onto a new page, so once you have finished reading you simply close the page and your previous page is there waiting.

17) Discover

Articles and Appraisals -  Unique ANW articles that cover a range of topics, from understanding naturism, official reviews of naturist opportunities and interviews. 

Naturism in the News - A selection of summaries with links to News stories about naturism around the internet. If you come across an interesting item send information to [email protected].

Naturism in Art - A growing gallery of Art celebrating the human body appropriate to naturism. 

ANW Newsletters - ANW sends a monthly Newsletter to its Members featuring up to date news from around ANW. These newsletters are stored here for reference and supply a range of useful links.

ANW information - ANW Users Guide, Promoting on ANW, Pricing at a Glance and FAQS.  

18) Explore

This tab takes you to several sub headings which list over 4,000 naturist destinations giving you plenty of places to choice for your next holiday, beach visit, club / federation, experience, event or product and service. You can choice whether to have the results display on the page in a list or grid view. 

Beach Destinations - There are beaches, lakes, rivers and waterfalls. These destinations are separated into Continents and Countries and searches can be made using a variety of Keywords and Locations.

Life and Annual Members can share images on Beach pages via the "Photos" tab on the page menu. We recommend 2 or 3 images on a beach from each individual Member who wish to share, so there are not too many, and these images ideally should show something of the look and lay out of the beach. If a member has many photos they wish to share with the community they can also chose to create an album to display in the Albums area named after that location.  

Beach Destinations also show on an interactive world map, zoom into your required destination and click on the beaches you find.


If you are looking for inspiration you will find it under the "Destinations" menu heading.

Holidays and Clubs with Camping - These listings are separated into the following categories;

You can click on the type of accommodation you require like above which will then take you to all of the listings listed in Sponsored followed by Featured followed by basic listing. In the sidebar on the right hand side you can narrow down your search by inputting an area or address, the name or specifics like Ideal For - Everyone or Families etc. Or go to the Browse page in the page menu and go directly to the Search Bar.

Daytime Clubs and Societies - These listings are displayed within the following categories and are clubs that you visit but do not have overnight accommodation. Landed Clubs means they have a premises and Non Landed Clubs are mainly internet based but offer meet ups. Again, you are able to search for a particular club or society like above by clicking on the category you require ie Landed Club which takes you to all of the listings listed in Sponsored followed by Featured followed by basic listing within that category. The right hand sidebar gives you a search box so you can easily narrow down what you are looking for by inputting an area or address, the name or specifics like Ideal For - Everyone or Families etc. Or go to the "Browse" tab in the page menu which will take you directly to the Search Bar.

Experiences and Excursions - The menu below displays the categories available in this listing. If you click on one ie Cruises you will be taken to the Browse page which displays the results of all cruises on offer. They are listed in Sponsored followed by Featured order. You can also use the search box to narrow down what you are looking for by choosing the name, or location or who the cruise is ideal for, for example, party, couples, families etc.

Holistic and Wellness - Again, you have the categories like the photo below, click on the category you are interested in, alternatively go to the "Browse tab" and choose the listings via their category, or name or location.

Products and Services - The categories shown below give you an idea of the listing types displayed within Products and Services. Like all of the listings within the "Explore" main menu, you can search on the homepage by using the categories as displayed below ie Property Sales & Domestic Services etc, or via the browse page where you can choose based on the category, name, location etc.


World Naked Bike Ride - ANW believe that some of the World Naked Bike Rides are lacking up to date information and some are difficult to find, so ANW have created an area to help site users find up to date information with relevant links, maps and routes detailing as many WNBR events as possible. Some of the rides organisers only give out the information of their ride at last minute keeping the event "protected". ANW will attempt to keep the information as up to date as possible.

Events - Enterprise Members can create events as part of their package. If you click on the Events Sub menu you will be taken to the homepage which displays all events in Sponsored, followed by Featured order. Or head to the "Browse" tab to be taken to the search box where you can choice the event by location or category or price. Members can write a review or take part in the event discussions and add images to the event. 

19) Connect - 

Located under the main menu heading you will find sub headings such as:

Affiliations and Links 

These are some of the businesses ANW are proud to share special working relationships with. ANW shares safe connections to their sites and they share a reciprocal connection to ANW. If you would like your website to be part of this contact Anna at [email protected]

ANW Logo Branding

You can use the ANW logos shared on this page to promote naturism and your connection to ANW on your Social Media Profiles and websites.

Working Holidays

ANW is always delighted to help support naturist venues and opportunities in any positive way it can and helping to connect Naturist Enterprises to ANW members who are willing to work with them to enhance their offering or promote their service is a really exciting way of doing this. It is open to all Verified Sponsored Life Members and all Naturist Enterprises affiliated to ANW. 

Find Friends

Located underneath the main menu heading "Connect" (8). Here you can find Members that are reviewed, top reviews etc. There are various options to choose from when finding Members which is why it is so important to fill out your profile questions, if someone wants to find a person who lives in California for example, they will only find them if they have put that in their profile. Members are listed in descending order of Sponsored, Featured and then Verified.

Community Blog Library

Blogs are found within two separate areas. Life and Annual Members have their own exclusive Members Only Blog Library with the ability to share their blog posts in a more private setting, or within the wider community Blog Library. Find out more about individual naturists through their blog posts. If you wish to write Blogs as part of your Annual or Life membership Team ANW will happily supply some tips and guidance to help you get started.

Community Ads 

Adverts from fellow naturist endeavours in the ANW community. You will find these adverts in various locations around the site, within side bars and the activity feeds.

Fundraising Projects

Here you can support naturist projects with the financing of new ventures and the continued success and up keep of existing ones. Say thank you and fund the creative work provided through blogs, groups and artistry. Back naturist events, charities, renovations and clubs.  Contact Anna at [email protected] if you would like in find out about raising funds for your endeavour.

Groups and Meet Ups, you can design Polls, Albums and invite your friends.

You may have a passion for your past time or wish to interact with people of a similar age or status. You may want to find people from across the globe who have the same interests as you or be part of a local based group with the possibility of meet-ups. Members can design Polls, Albums and invite friends or create location based Meet Up groups and organise events for their group community. Sponsored groups are run by Life time ANW Members, and Featured groups are fun by Annual ANW Members. Guest and Verified Users can join groups upon invitation from the group owner. 

Online Chat Login

Life and Annual Members can easily navigate here to login to the next ANW Online Chat and find the schedules for futures chats.


This area collects the videos from around the site and displays them within their chosen categories. They maybe stand alone Vlogs, or support to Articles or a way of connecting for Explore pages or Funding projects. These films may help to display the spirit of an Event or the passion of a Group, you will find them there.

20) ANW Members

This main menu tab has been created for Life and Annual Members to easily find content exclusive to them.


Sharing images is a fun and wonderful thing to do on ANW. It is something that many members enjoy, especially when they get to know how friendly and respectful the ANW community is.

Images can be shared direct on the ANW activity feed, but these become harder to find as time progresses. By sharing images within Albums you get to name your album, place it in a choice of categories and subcategories and add to the album whenever you wish. This then allows the album to be searchable within the library for as long as you choose it to be, where you can collect comments, reviews and likes. On creating an Album you have choices as to who sees it, you can for example, share it with your friends. You can place a name and description on each photo and chose the image that represents that album. Albums can be created in the Album area and also direct from activity feeds. The creation of an album and additions to an album will still show on activity feeds and the albums will also show in the album tab of your profile page. Tip: When uploading an image allow the uploading to get to 100% before moving off the page.     

Create a Group or Local Meet Up

This tab takes Life and Annual Members to the subscription page where they can create and run their own groups. There is no additional cost as it is part of the Membership package. Team ANW are happy to supply tips and guidance to those members who are interested in creating or running a Group or Meet Up. 

Discounts and Offers

Gifted to Life and Annual Members from naturist venues and businesses around the world, ANW Members have the opportunity to receive exclusive promotions which are displayed within this tab. If you would like to offer ANW members a discount for using your enterprise then contact Anna at [email protected]


A place for friendly naturist debate;

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Has a breakdown of the seventeen Forum subcategories and direct links to Most Recently Updated, Most Recently Created, Most Liked Topics etc. To see all of the topics in a specific sub category, or to post a topic into that subcategory click the subcategory heading.

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How to Post a Topic

Images for Art - Created for Life and Annual Members to search the images contained within this body reference library for their own creative work, or to make requests to ANW members for donations of images to help with your artistic project. 

Interactive Projects - Various projects running for Life and Annual Members to get involved with. Just for fun and demonstrates the friendly nature of the ANW community and naturism.  

Member Badges - Active contributions make for a vibrant, united and more informed community. We recognise this valued input and have created the badge collection scheme.

Member Only Blogs - Life and Annual Members can post their blogs in this more selective area if they prefer them to be read only by those members who have subscribed to ANW. If you wish to write Blogs as part of your Annual or Life membership Team ANW will happily supply some tips and guidance to help you get started.

Naturism in Art - Enjoy and take part in a growing gallery of Art celebrating the human body appropriate to naturism. 

Community Notices - Things like competitions and other membership announcements are shared here.

Maximise Your Membership - Tips to help you get the most from your Life or Annual Membership.

Polls - ANW Members Polls, is not only a bit of fun, but paints a clearer picture of how naturism is viewed around the world. Vote or suggest a pole for voting.

Online Chat Information - ANW set up Online Chats as a way to encourage greater friendships and new friendships and strengthen the community. These run fortnightly at different times and days so as to consider different time zones. Life and Annual Members are sent email reminders in the run up to the scheduled Chat Meet.

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